About us

About us

About Discover Piana di Lucca

In 2022, Discover Piana di Lucca was originally conceived as a booking platform for tourist experiences and packages, specifically designed by the DMC (Destination Management Company) Piana di Lucca, within the “Piana di Lucca, Travel to the future” project.


We believe tourism is a driving force for a sustainable and inclusive development, a breakthrough for positive change in the world. We encourage close-knit relationships between our visitors and the local community, offering an authentic, 360-degree experience.


To unveil the invisible. To show the whole world the hidden treasures of a diverse territory, filled with opportunities, which still manages to impress and amaze.

We are the official DMC of Piana di Lucca, specializing in incoming tourism.

Our main strength is our vast knowledge of Piana di Lucca’s marvelous territory and its numerous opportunities. We have a close collaboration with six of its Municipalities: Lucca, Capannori, Altopascio, Montecarlo, Villa Basilica, and Porcari, as well as with a team of passionate local operators who actively work to unveil the hidden treasures and riches of their land. Thanks to these collaborations, we manage to design unique products, so that you can really discover each corner of this territory.

Our values

To provide unique experiences and generate wellbeing and cultural enrichment through tourism, we strictly follow these quality standards:

We promote an accessible, inclusive tourism, which celebrates our differences and overcomes obstacles and prejudice, so that everybody can feel welcome and live a unique experience in Piana di Lucca.
We strive to design accessible offers for people with disabilities, whether it is motor or cognitive impairments.
Finally, we are committed to developing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, so that you can choose from more sustainable and practical options.

Our Team

Our team comprises creative people with a diverse background on travel arrangement, experience design and experience management. We are committed to offering you 360-degree tourist experiences, allowing you to make the most of this territory. Two entities work jointly within the DMC team. Expirit is an innovative start-up with a social mission: accompanying Italian territories on a path of self-discovery and valorization. Globe Inside is a tour operator with over 15 years of experience in cooperating with other national and international tour operators and travel agencies. 

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Our clients

What our travelers say about us

(We promise we didn’t pay them 🙂)

Steven Dillman

“Simply the best! From Germany to Authentic Italy… Unforgettable experience!”

Gianmario Olivieri

"Everything was planned down to the last detail. An authentic experience, to be redone!"

Samuela Salvi

"I spent a magical evening with you. I would recommend it to everyone, young and less young, couples or singles. Thank you for this unique experience"

Claudia Santancini

"Excellent team led by remarkably brilliant Giacomo Andreani. Their undisputed expertise in the tourism sector makes them leaders in the field. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such innovative, knowledgeable, and practical people.”

Stefania Latini

"Great organization and attention to detail"

Matteo Portelli

"Simply amazing!"

Mario Franco

"Young, passionate and well organized… this team will lead you to discover the territory in a unique manner"

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