Villa Basilica

Villa Basilica

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The land of swords and paper

Standing on the slopes of the Pizzorne Plateau, Villa Basilica is a charming and one-of-a-kind town. It boasts a rich heritage as Tuscany’s medieval powerhouse in the iron and sword-making industries, thanks to its huge quantity of rivers and streams.

Climbing up to the city fortress, it is possible to enjoy amazing panoramic views of the Pizzorne Plateau, while the city centre, a small gem in the heart of the town, is characterized by the imposing 12th century Santa Maria Assunta Parish church and a historical fountain.

The city is famous for its Torta coi becchi, a rice cake decorated with puff pastry in the shape of triangles and its Salviato, a savory pie made of new potatoes, as well as for its chestnut flour.

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