The Allure of Lucca at Night (Private)

A private tour to discover Lucca’s hidden beauties

Piazza San Michele, Piazza San Michele, Lucca, LU
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Nighttime has always been particularly fascinating. Back streets and unexpected glimpses of monuments appearing to those wandering around the city in the darkness are a clear invitation to experience Lucca at night. Step after step, Lucca’s discrete charm reveals itself, as one strolls through the ancient and narrow streets and stops to admire the stately white marble churches built long ago. Lucca’s most intriguing and fascinating secrets are hidden within the private walls of the severe patrician palaces, in the darkest corners of the Romanesque churches, behind the walls of secret gardens, and within the mysterious underground. During this tour, we unveil the hidden gems regarding the art and history of Lucca.

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Guided tour of Lucca’s old town

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Highly capable and specialized, Turislucca’s local tourist and naturalist guides will be glad to share with you the passion they nurture for their land and job. Their tours are planned in a new, dynamic, and highly enjoyable way, and they will not fail to amaze you.

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